What To Know if You Need a Hysterectomy

There are certain parts of your body that emphasize your womanhood, and your uterus is one of them. But what happens if your doctor or gynecologist recommends that you have your uterus removed for the sake of your health? This process, known as a hysterectomy, can feel frightening and defeating. Make sure you educate yourself to understand why your hysterectomy is being performed and how you can maximize your recovery.

Why Are Hysterectomy Procedures Performed?

A hysterectomy is a standard surgery used to remove the uterus from the body. Since the uterus controls menstruation and pregnancy, both can no longer occur after a hysterectomy is performed.

There are a few different reasons that your doctor might recommend a hysterectomy. Most women undergo this surgery to address abnormal and uncontrollable vaginal bleeding, uterine prolapse, or cancer.

What to Expect

Just like during any other surgery, anesthesia is used to prevent any sensations of pain during a hysterectomy. You’ll prepare for your surgery as if you’re getting ready for a simple Pap smear, and you won’t feel anything as your uterus is removed. Expect to stay in a recovery room for a few hours, and possibly overnight in the hospital. It’s also normal to experience heavy bleeding for about a week after your hysterectomy.

The full recovery process from a hysterectomy is very similar to the recovery from childbirth. You should avoid heavy lifting, abstain from vaginal intercourse for six weeks, and possibly a range of emotions over the changes occurring within your body

Life After a Hysterectomy

Getting a hysterectomy doesn’t negatively impact or change your physical abilities. In fact, many women feel liberated after their hysterectomy because they no longer have to cope with heavy bleeding, chronic pain, and other issues. Some women even experience heightened sexual satisfaction because they no longer suffer pain during intercourse.

As long as your ovaries are not removed during your hysterectomy, you’ll continue producing hormones and eggs until you reach a natural menopause, so you won’t need to worry about early menopause or unwelcome symptoms.

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