Pregnant with the Flu? The Importance of TamiFlu

The flu is a serious illness for all Americans, but it is especially concerning for women who are pregnant. The 2018 flu season in particular has been more severe than normal, largely because the H3 virus strain is so predominant. Worse yet, the flu season still hasn’t peaked!

Pregnancy affects your immune system and makes it slower to respond to illness, which means you are at higher risk of suffering complications from the flu. Since you definitely don’t want to put your baby through those complications as well, it is essential that you follow the guidance of your OBGYN and consider the use of TamiFlu to protect the health of both you and your baby.

What Is TamiFlu?

TamiFlu is an antiviral medication FDA-approved for adults and even babies as young as two weeks of age. It is available in capsule and liquid form to combat the fever, aches, chills, and fatigue brought on by the flu. If TamiFlu is taken within 48 hours of flu symptom onset, it can stop symptoms and reduce the amount of time that you are sick.

Is TamiFlu Safe While Pregnant?

TamiFlu is labeled by the FDA as pregnancy category C, which means pregnant women should use the medication if the benefits outweigh the potential risks. This is why it is so important to work with your OBGYN to determine if TamiFlu is the right choice in your specific situation. Since having the flu during pregnancy is considered a high-risk condition, your OBGYN may decide it is best to use TamiFlu to protect you and your baby from any potential complications like birth defects and premature labor.  

Your doctor might also recommend home remedies in conjunction with TamiFlu to improve your comfort.  Begin with the core strategies of dealing with the flu: get plenty of rest and drink extra fluids. Taking a tepid shower and wearing light clothes will also help you cool down and stay comfortable.

If you think you have symptoms of the flu and want to ensure the best health and protection for you and your unborn child, call Women’s Health and Wellness in Brandon, Florida for the expert maternity care that you deserve. Your OBGYN will work closely with you to minimize the danger of the flu and help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Call (813) 571-2777 to schedule your appointment today.    

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