Four Considerations in Planning Your Birthing Experience

pregnant happy womanWhen you are about to have a baby, you want everything about the birth to be as perfect as possible. While you can’t plan for every possible complication or issue that might come up, there are some things you can do to make sure that your birth goes smoothly and the way you want it to. Having a birthing plan is your best bet to make sure that this day is special, and your doctor should be willing to follow your birthing plan. Here are a few things to consider when planning your birth.

Pain Control

Consider ahead of time what pain control methods you want to implement while you are in labor and delivery. Some women opt to have a natural birth without pain control, but some change their minds when the birth is actually happening. Plan for contingencies, such as not being able to handle the pain or not being able to have the pain control you originally wanted.


If you will be breastfeeding your baby, you want to make sure that your birth plan includes this information. If possible, you want to be able to hold and breastfeed your baby as soon as possible after birth. Talk to your doctor and nurses to make sure that the baby is not taken immediately to the nursery unless there is a complication.

First Contact

Decide who is going to be the first person to hold the baby. You may want to allow the baby’s father to hold the infant first, while you recover from the delivery, or you may want the doctor to put the baby on your belly while the umbilical cord is cut, and then immediately hand the infant to you after it is clean and stable. 

Birthing Partners

There are much bigger delivery rooms today than in the past. Many birthing centers place you in one large room for the entirety of your labor, delivery, and recovery. If this is the case, you may find that friends and family want to be in the room. If you are comfortable with this and the hospital allows it, that may be an option for you. However, if you want to only have the baby’s father and/or a birthing partner present, make sure you plan for this and make it clear to others.

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