Endometrial ablation is a procedure performed to control abnormal uterine bleeding that cannot be adequately controlled with hormonal therapy. It results in damaging or scarring the inside lining of the uterus so it will not bleed much if at all. It is a method to be used only after a woman has completed her childbearing. It is unclear how fertile one would be after EA and/or how successful a pregnancy would be so permanent sterilization is often recommended as well.

There have been several methods developed to cauterize or scar the inside of the uterus for this purpose, including Hydrothermablation, the Thermachoice balloon, and the Novasure device. All are comparable in their results. Approximately 85-95% of patients consider it to be successful, having either light menses or no menses afterward. The procedure itself requires some pain medication and a local block and can be performed in the office for most patients. In some cases, general anesthesia might be recommended. Return to normal activities is within one to two days.