Don’t Skip the Pill: Why Prenatal Vitamins are Important

pregnant happy womanIf you are pregnant, you have probably already been told to get prenatal vitamins. These vitamins can usually be picked up without a prescription these days, although if you have special needs your doctor may prescribe you a special formula. Prenatal vitamins aren’t expensive or difficult to find, so why do women try to keep from taking them?

Some women simply forget to take their prenatal vitamins, which can easily be remedied with a smartphone reminder, but other women intentionally don’t take or stop taking their prenatal vitamins. The most common reason that women don’t want to take these pills is that they can cause nausea; and if the mother is already having big problems with morning sickness, she probably doesn’t want to take anything that’s going to potentially make it worse.

However, there are some very important reasons that you need to take your prenatal vitamins. First, these vitamins will help your baby grow healthy and strong. However, the real benefits of prenatal vitamins aren’t to your baby, they are for YOU.

In fact, your baby will take what it needs from your body, whether you are supplementing those nutrients or not. Often, the baby will be healthy while the mother suffers. Not taking prenatal vitamins can cause women to have more dental issues, as well as other health risks. 

Your pregnancy can take a lot out of you; and if you want to be healthy enough to care for your baby when they arrive, you need to take your vitamins now. If you have any questions, contact us for an appointment.