Common Causes of Bladder Problems

Many women experience some type of bladder problems, whether it be the constant urge to go, leakage when you sneeze, or frequent urination. There are several possible causes of bladder control issues, and some of them may be somewhat correctable through treatment. Here are the most common.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you have a natural vaginal childbirth, there is a good chance that you could be left with a few bladder issues. Having a baby vaginally, especially if it is a large baby, can severely weaken the pelvic floor. This can make urge and stress incontinence become a major problem, and an embarrassing one at that. If you can strengthen the pelvic floor, you will be able to eliminate most of those symptoms.


It is unfortunate that most women know little or nothing about menopause until it starts happening to them. If you think that perimenopause just means you’re going to start skipping periods until there are none, you are in for a surprise. Menopause affects many aspects of your health, not just your reproductive system. The decrease in estrogen can cause weakening of the pelvic floor and bladder.


If you have had any kind of lower abdominal or sexual trauma, there is a chance that damage may have been done to the pelvic floor or its organs, such as the bladder. Sometimes there can be surgical corrections for these problems, although some medications may also be useful.

If you have any type of incontinence, you don’t have to suffer in embarrassment. There are a lot of different solutions available depending on the cause and symptoms of your bladder control problems. We can work together to come to a diagnosis and treatment solution. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.